When do I need a Business Attorney for my Business?

The legal expertise that business attorneys provide to their clients ensures that those businesses will be able to successfully deal with any legal situations that must handle. There are hundreds of varying laws on the books that can affect the way business is run; misunderstanding or simply not knowing about these laws can be quite detrimental to your business. No matter which industry your company is in, there are sure to be various aspects of the law constantly exerting an influence on your operations, from real estate law to employee compensation requirements to international laws. As opposed to being overwhelmed by all these legal matters, you can benefit from the law while working with a skilled attorney who can help you navigate the legal world.


  • Getting your small business off the ground is a thrilling task but also one that requires the help of a business attorney so that you can work out all of your legal obligations. For instance, an entrepreneur may need a real estate attorney to help them when signing a lease for the first commercial space that will house their new business. Later on, the same business will again have a need for legal assistance related to tax laws, employee benefit laws, and perhaps environmental laws if applicable to their company’s operations.
  • Larger businesses usually have entire teams of business attorneys ready to help them since, as a company grows, so does its need for legal assistance. Lawyers may be asked to check into a merger or acquisition deal being considered by a company to make sure that all legal requirements are properly recorded. Real estate law will also come into account when a company wants to expand its offices and buy a new piece of land or building. Patents are often sought after by companies who want to defend their intellectual property rights and can be secured with the help of a lawyer.
  • Deciding which attorney or law firm to work with does not have to be a difficult decision for your business if you patiently and wisely think about what your company needs. This becomes considerably less difficult if you take the time to meet face to face with several attorneys and discuss your company’s legal needs with them.
  • Businesses require the help of business attorneys, no matter how large or small they are and no matter how long they have been in business. If you are now starting a new business or are hoping to expand your company, be sure to retain the services of an excellent business attorney who can support your business now and in the future.
  • Certainly, an experienced corporate business attorney should be pro-active and look to potential future actions and consequences. For example, a good lawyer should be able to reorganize the capital structure of your business so that, if you sell, the tax structure is such that it benefits you.

Still, think a family-operated business doesn’t need legal advice? Maybe succession planning is beyond your ken. If so, go in for a consult. It may be very much worth your while.