Penomet: Waste Of Time & Money

Having read an amazing review on Penomet I was excited to try this penis extender for myself. The package arrived and I could not wait to open it.

I went upstairs and jumped into the shower and popped on the Penomet and pumped out the excess water and waited and waited.

I have been doing this for the last four months without fail. Well ½ inch improvement which isn’t really worth shouting about and not really noticing any stronger erections or any improvement with sexual stamina I feel a little let down. So do I think Penomet is worth it, no not really.

Over the years I have tried many different enlargers, tablets and even meditation. This has been an ongoing problem and a major reason of my failing relationships.

I know it’s not the be all and end all but when you are reading such rave reviews you begin to believe them.

The discomfort that I had did not lessen even when reducing the pressure. I am a middle aged man with years of experience with these gadgets so i’m not a novice when using or trying them. Having suffered from a flaccid penis, premature ejaculation and a small Penis you become quite good at these things.

So i’m just wondering if Penomet are paying people to say that they have had such amazing results.  I feel very silly and my confidence has took a real nose dive again.

Penomet claim they are Safe Effective and Powerful. Well I disagree on all points. I feel let down, discomfort and certainly not powerful in the trouser department.

For such a large amount of money i truly believe it should have done something, anything or just what it claims to do.

Dr Jamerson says that it “brings penile enlargement to the masses” I am just not sure after all where are all the statistics?

They also say People’s confidence has sky rocketed. Well mine has took a real nose dive.

They also give testimonials and comparisons again i’m being a little cynical, I want to meet the people who this has helped.

You are probably thinking that i’m using it wrong or i’m just an old man, so what do i expect.

Well why shouldn’t we expect results. And no i don’t want to return this. I’m embarrassed enough as it is.

So beware before you contemplate buying Penomet. As they say, “if it seems too good to be true it probably is”

I’m sorry to rant and rave but feel we all need to do our homework before buying into the dream. And don’t think such bold promises should be allowed.

So for now Penomet will be making its way into the trash can along with my dreams. I am now resigned to the fact that pleasuring a lady or myself is out of the question.